Basic maths

Base level maths on which most of the competitive test and school level exam activities depend

Basic and Rich Algebraic Concepts for elegant solutions of SSC CGL problems

thumb_Basic and rich algebraic concepts for elegant solutions of SSC CGL problems

Learning and problem solving in all subjects start with its basic concepts. Rich concepts are derived from this basic concept layer based on problem solving experiences. Use the basic and rich algebra concepts along with powerful problem solving strategies to solve tough problems quickly and surely in a few simple steps...

Permutation and combination

thumb_permutation and combination

Permutation and combination deal with choice and arrangement of a set of objects out of a second set of objects. Permutation deals with such questions as, how many ways can the three letters a, b and c be arranged? In each such permutation or arrangement, ordering is important. On the other hand, Combination deals with such questions as, how many ways can you choose a captain and vice-captain out of a cricket team of 11 players? In a combination, ordering of the elements chosen is not important...

Numbers, Number System and basic arithmetic operations

thumb_Number system

Numbers form the very foundation of Mathematics whereas zero and place value mechanism together make it possible to form any number, however large or small it may be. After formation of numbers, the four basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division transform the numbers using again place value system as a base mechanism. On this foundation Mathematics grows further..


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