Efficient solutions

Basic and Rich Algebraic Concepts for elegant solutions of SSC CGL problems

thumb_Basic and rich algebraic concepts for elegant solutions of SSC CGL problems

Learning and problem solving in all subjects start with its basic concepts. Rich concepts are derived from this basic concept layer based on problem solving experiences. Use the basic and rich algebra concepts along with powerful problem solving strategies to solve tough problems quickly and surely in a few simple steps...

How to solve a complex SSC CGL level Algebra problem lightning fast

thumb_How to solve a complex problem lightning fast

Is it actually possible to solve complex problems that appear in usual Competitive tests easily within a minute? Answer is a firm Yes, but with some conditions. To home in straight to the solution using only your mind and no pen and paper, we can say with experience that you need not have a great talent or very high level of intelligence, but...

How to solve similar problems in a few seconds, Profit and loss problem 2, Domain modeling

thumb_How to solve in a few seconds profit and loss problem 2, Domain modeling

A man sells two wrist watches one at a profit of 50% and another at a loss of 50%, but each at a same selling price of Rs.300. The net profit or loss is...This type of problem can be solved in a few seconds if you can form its Domain model by Abstraction and Repeated solving of similar problems with controlled variation...

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