Emergent problems

How to find a troubleshooter to solve a grave real life problem

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The person suffering from such a grave, but non-emergent problem thinks continuously about the problem but is unable to sit down and analyze the situation with a neutral unbiased mind. In reality, for most of these grave problems, you would have time...

Types of Real life problems

thumb real life problem classification

Though at first glance it seems that the whole world is filled up with real life problems of infinite number of varieties, some sense of this apparent sea of problems can be made by classifying them first. Moreover each of us live in our own customized world where types of problems are limited in number...

Solve any problem yourself

thumb solve any problem yourself

Can anyone become a problem solver solving any problem independently, efficiently and at least cost? To us the answer is an emphatic yes. Most of the people whose problems we dealt with till now gradually became independent. That is the main objective of all discussions here – to offer you resources and ideas using which you may become an independent problem solver in time. 

As every human being has large untapped power of mind, with proper commitment and method it is possible for anyone who is not brain-damaged to focus his thinking power towards achieving great positive results...

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