Enumeration technique

How to solve difficult SSC CGL algebra problems in a few steps 13

thumb_How to solve difficult SSC CGL algebra problems in a few steps 13

Usually we solve difficult Algebra problems in a few steps using basic and rich Algebra concepts and techniques together with powerful general problem solving techniques. This problem required more of deductive reasoning, enumeration, mathematical reasoning, general problem solving techniques and core algebraic concepts such as symmetry in algebraic expressions and less of algebraic expression manipulation...

SSC CGL level Solution Set 46, Number System 7

thumb_SSC CGL solution set 46 number system 7

This is the 46th solution set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL exam and 7th on topic Number System. Students must complete the corresponding question set in prescribed time first and then only refer to this solution set for extracting maximum benefits from this resource...

How to solve SSC CGL level number and age ratio problems lightning fast

thumb_How to solve SSC CGL level number and age ratio problems lightning fast

Use of a rich ratio concept based on a most basic ratio concept helps to solve a broad spectrum of ratio problems and specifically many standard number or age ratio problems elegantly in a few steps much faster than conventional procedural methods...

How to solve more Time and Work problems in simpler steps, type 2

thumb_How to solve time work problems in simpler steps type2

In a large number of math problems involving Time & Work, it is stated that certain number of men take certain number of days to complete the work. These problems are usually solved in conventional methods by using per day work rate of 1 man. Instead, the number of days and number of men can be combined into a single powerful measure of work amount, simplifying the process greatly...

Pattern recognition and use in real life problem solving

thumb pattern recognition technique

Patterns form the basis of comprehension and action for all living things in nature. Patterns are all around us - from human fingerprints, zebra crossings, warm current flows in oceans to the beautiful arrangement of a rose bud. A baby starts to recognize the objects around it, learns how to react on events or how to speak - all by identifying patterns. As we grow up, pattern recognition and its use remains to be one of the most valuable components in our problem solving ability set...

The problem solving Principle of Exhaustivity

Principle of exhaustivity

Are you thorough? Have you thought of all possibilities? Are you sure you have not missed anything? We face these questions often around us with varying levels of anxieties, concern or barely suppressed impatience. The affirmative answer is in what we call exhaustive thinking and action. We need it often while we go through our lives. Though the thoroughness is needed time and again, it is a generally ignored and apparently mundane ability...

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