Inventive principles

Innovative glass cover design analysis

thumb_Innovative glass cover design analysis

It became a special item in my household as years passed. It was a small thing, but there was complete affinity to it from all without any reservation. I wondered, “What is so special about it? Why do we all like it? Is it the looks, or its utility?" Over time my analysis took body and shape...

Inventive principle "taking out" in daily life problem solving

thumb inventive principle taking out

Take out a part from the whole and you have a new set of inventive ideas. Primarily, you are urged to take out a portion from the original object either to improve the use of the original or to use the taken out portion itself for new applications...

Inventive principle segmentation in daily life problem solving


Common sense says, if you divide something into smaller pieces, value of the pieces taken together becomes less than the value of the whole. On second thoughts, can it be otherwise? Yes, it can. Dividing and sharing can sometimes result in surprisingly innovative solutions...

Inventive principle "local quality" in daily life problem solving

thumb inventive principle local quality

Adapt the individual properties or parts of the object to the required local conditions. The first step of using an inventive principle is to understand it by identifying examples or cases where the principle could have been applied. The principle most probably has been applied unknowingly, but still it becomes clear to you that this is an example of application of the specific principle...

40 inventive principles, the most popular component of TRIZ innovation system

thumb 40 inventive principles

The 40 TRIZ principles are abstract inventive principles identified by Russian scientist Altshuller to be the principles behind all past inventions. These abstract principles were formed for creation of innovative ideas and products but are equally potent in solving daily life problems...

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