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How to solve difficult SSC CGL level School Math problems in a few quick steps, Trigonometry 5

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In procedural approach to solve Trigonometry or Algebra problems, usually the student has to go through many steps writing the steps using pen and paper without using the useful patterns lying partly hidden in the problem waiting to be used with intelligence so that the solution is reached in a few steps lightning fast, that too without using pen and paper. We are not discussing tricks. We are discussing the anatomy of a rich concept that are based on basic concepts and how a specific rich concept can be used for what we call, efficient problem solving.

Basic and rich Trigonometry concepts part 2, proof of compound angle functions

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Trigonometry first established relationships between the angle and side measurements of a right angled triangle by defining trigonometric functions and thus extended the reach of mathematics wonderfully. Like any other branch of mathematics, from the basic trigonometric function definitions more advanced function relations are built stage by stage. Here we will deal with compound angle trigonometric function relations in more details...

How to solve a School Math problem in a few simple steps, Trigonometry 3

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The conventional approach to math problem solving relies heavily on manipulation of terms using low level mathematical constructs without using the problem solving abilities of the student. Following only this approach to solving problems, students may tend to become used to mechanical and procedural thinking suppressing their inherent creative and innovative out-of-the-box thinking abilities...

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