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Six sections of content form the menu items at the top.

Problem solving and Innovation sections contain articles on concepts, strategies, real life examples, tools, Critical thinking and other resources on Problem Solving or Innovation. Often the articles are cross-referenced for better understanding. We are sure - any person with commitment and strength of purpose can become a Problem Solver for herself and for others. These two sections hold the core matter of this place.

Tutorials section holds basic concepts as well as problem solving aspects of Maths at present and Computer programming, Management science and so on later. Focus here is on Math and Math related subjects such as Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.

Solutions to academic problems here use the Foundational knowledge on the subject and approach the problems from Problem Solver's angle - not just doing math, but doing Problem Solving. Result? Better and more permanent understanding plus in many cases, elegant shorter solutions.

Exams  section is mainly dedicated to competitive test aspirants. Guidelines, Questions, Solutions, Practice sets and more on UGC/CSRI Net, CAT, SBI PO, GRE and even on CBSE Class X to XII syllabi are the staple content in this category. Watch out for new matter under this category.

Forums section is for discussion on related topics whereas 

Brain teasers, how to play Sudoku, Exams matter for competitive test aspirants and insightful pieces of writing are collected under the section Variety.

The pieces of writings are collected under the sub-section Reflections and these are in most cases thought provoking.

In summary, the first two sections of problem solving and innovation form the core content whereas the rest are the applications of these core concepts.

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