Guidelines, Question sets and Solution sets specially tailored for SSC CGL Tier II test. Students should refer to tutorials for the required base concepts and then only take the tests. The solution sets provide conceptual analytical efficient solutions. After taking a question set, Student need to go through the corresponding solution set with focused attention for effective and assured problem solving skill improvement.

How to solve arithmetic boundary condition problems in a few simple steps


A simple or compound event (consisting of more than one event) goes on happening systematically at regular intervals till a point just before the end. With each occurrence of the event problem parameters change. The end is reached before the full impact of the event along with the change can happen. This is the boundary to be found out before solving the problem...

How to solve Time and Work problems in simpler steps, type 2 brief


In 42 days 40 men complete a work. As it happened, instead of all of them working together to finish the job, they started working together, but at the end of every 10th day 5 men left. In how many days would then the work be completed? Rich time and work concept of Mandays technique along with natural number concepts deliver speedy solution...


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