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Sudoku Third level game play 1

thumb_Sudoku third level game play 1

This is the first game play at Sudoku third level. For absolute beginners this is quite a high level, but just like any other human activity area, if you are experienced it would seem easy to you. In this first game play at the third level we didn't find the game difficult though we have used advanced technique of Digit Subset Analysis extensively...

Sudoku Second level game play 3

thumb_Sudoku second level game play 3

This is the third game play at Sudoku second level. The techniques that we have used in the beginner level games will no longer be enough to solve this game. We'll have to use new techniques for finding a valid cell and filling it up with a allowed digit. You should find this game a little hard but interesting...

First matchstick puzzle is not so easy

thumb_matchstick puzzle1 teaser

Matchstick puzzles fascinated young and old for ages. Sticks are easily available, shapes can be made without any effort, and if you are curious, you can make a structure with many matchsticks and see what happens to the structure if you remove, move or add one and then more than one stick. This is the first matchstick puzzle for you..

Whose fish?


Can you find out in 20 minutes?

Well, that is the standard time limit for this puzzle. If you have time in your hands, go on till you solve it. We are sure you will enjoy this long time classic logic puzzle...


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