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Base equalization technique

The reason why it is possible to apply Base equalization technique in many different areas lies in the concept of abstraction.

Abstraction means expressing in more general terms.

The special characteristic of the base equalization technique is its amenability to abstraction. It is possible to express the common core abstract base equalization technique as a series of general steps,

  • In a set of components each having multiple entities, identify the base to be equalized.
  • Identify the target value to be equalized to.
  • Equalize the bases of each component in the set.
  • Establish direct relationship between the other entities of all components in the set.
  • Carry out the desired operations on these entities that was the objective of the whole series of actions.

In indices problems, base that was equalized was generally the base of the index itself, and occasionally the power or the index also. In fraction arithmetic, equalization of bases is the most important technique. In most cases the base equalized is the denominators of the fractions to their LCM value and very infrequently the numerators also to their LCM value. In time and work problems, instead, we equalize the base of unit rate of work as a portion of whole work done in common unit term by a work-agent. Otherwise, more areas we find where use of this efficient problem solving versatile technique leads us to our desired solution following a least cost efficient path.

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