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Challenging Brain Teasers With Solutions: Long List

Challenging Brain Teasers With Solutions: Long List

This is a rather long list of challenging brain teasers with solutions. The brain teasers are hand-picked and solutions focus on systematic problem solving.

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Puzzles and Riddles That You may Find Interesting

It is a growing list of puzzles and riddles that I felt attracted to and solved. The puzzles belong to all major categories. Each puzzle is divided into two parts - the puzzle and its solution.

A solution focuses on each little step of thought that leads to the solution. And it relies heavily on problem solving strategies and techniques as well as reasoning. Reasoning is my favorite topic - there is so many types and forms of reasoning!

Problem solving techniques are merrily used. But these days, that is during last part of 2021, I favor Question, answer and analysis technique to crack many hard nuts.

Enough of monologue. Go ahead. Taste for yourself. Who is not fond of challenging brain teasers!

Quick jump links to the categories are,

  1. Riddles
  2. Mathematical puzzles
  3. Logic puzzles
  4. River crossing puzzles
  5. Ball weighing puzzles
  6. Matchstick puzzles.

Just click on any of the above links to go through the particular category chosen and to return click on your browser back button.


These are the puzzles that I couldn't categorize comfortably. Usually a riddle is small having a small number of key mysteries to unravel. But you will find some of the riddles not easy to conquer.

Two jugs riddle

The tramcar reunion riddle

Riddle of 4 persons crossing a bridge over a river at night

Three boxes riddle

Riddle of PROBLEMSOLVING - Creation and application of Repetition pattern based technique

Airplane riddle of flying around the world

Riddle of lying and truth-telling twins

Two jugs riddle of delivering 1 quart of milk each

How could Sonia sell half a poodle riddle

Transfer a pile of 15 numbered discs riddle

Two burning ropes timer riddle

Riddle of four coins touching

Pick up in turns riddle

Devotee and three temples riddle

Big game hunting riddle: How many animals were bagged?

Knight and calculator keypad riddle

Riddle of all around handshakes in a dinner party

Open the lock riddle with 682 in clues

Connect the nine dots riddle: step by step solution

Open the lock riddle with 154 in clues

Number lock puzzle: Can you crack the code?

Two circles and a line riddle: can you traverse?

The ten barrel face number puzzle

Stepping stone crossing riddle step by step solution

Odd numbered and even numbered piles riddle

Make a circular chain riddle

Catch the cat hiding in 5 boxes riddle

4 digit number lock riddle: Can you crack the code

Remove discs from 10 touching discs riddle

Mathematical puzzles

Each of these puzzles is predominantly math heavy. Some amount of math you would surely need to solve a puzzle of this category.

But I have taken special care to keep the math simple (simply because I don't know complex math). Even such a hard one like Monkey and coconuts I have solved using Class ten level math that should be understood by most if not all.

Reverse cheque puzzle

Reverse cheque puzzle solution

Counting eggs puzzles based on Euclid's division lemma

Monkey and the coconuts puzzle with solutions

10 digit Conway number puzzle with solution

World's Hardest Easy Geometry Puzzle Solved with Techniques Explained Step by Step

Hard Algebra Puzzles Solved by Basic Exponent Concepts and Reasoning

Three squares in a triangle puzzle

3 digit number math puzzle

9 squares in a rectangle math puzzle

How many addition signs needed to make sum of 99

Solve 3 puzzles by solving only one: Domain mapping

Minimum number of heads with same number of hairs riddle

Playing card math puzzle

Change money math puzzle

Sharing a bicycle puzzle step by step solution

Ship carpenter's problem of plugging a square hole puzzle

Half and half money math puzzle

What is the weight of the fish?

The archery match math puzzle

The cat and mouse game with advisor dog

Logic puzzles

Just like math puzzles, these are logic heavy. I mean heavily dependent on formal logic that involves truth, falsity, implications and so on.

Though logic is a part of math only, in puzzles, logic demands a separate category. These are especially interesting.

Method based solution to Einstein's logic analysis puzzle, whose fish

How to solve Einstein's puzzle whose fish confidently, improved method based solution

Logic puzzle, When is Cheryl's birthday

Liar and truth-teller riddle with step by step easy solution

4 Prisoners and Hats Puzzle

Liar, Truth-teller, Random-answerer riddle

Flipping coins to heads or tails logic puzzle

Six wrong labeled bottles logic puzzle

Riddle of Name of the Engineer

Who wears which shirt color logic puzzle

Whose birthday on which day logic puzzle

4 logicians and 11 fish fries logic puzzle

River crossing puzzles

This category has a small number of puzzles but these are highly popular and engaging ones.

Farmer with fox, goose and bag of corn crossing the river puzzle

Two pigs and two hens crossing river puzzle

3 monkeys and 3 humans crossing river puzzle

King queen minister washerman river crossing puzzle

Ball weighing puzzles

This is also a small category with only a few puzzles. But again these are of a kind as the saying goes.

None of these are easy to solve, but again not too hard to understand the solution also.

Find the heavier among 8 identical balls in 2 weighing puzzle

Find the fake ball among 8 identical balls in 3 weighing puzzle

Find the fake ball among 9 identical balls in 3 weighing puzzle

Find the fake ball among 12 identical balls in 3 weighing hard puzzle with solution

Matchstick puzzles

This is my favorite category and I always keep a large box of matchsticks within reach to play with when I feel the need.

It is a wonder how many engaging creations can be made with these innocuous little sticks!

Solution to 6 triangles to 5 triangles in 2 moves, first matchstick puzzle

Matchstick puzzle 5 squares to 4 squares in 2 moves

Matchstick puzzle 5 squares to 4 squares in 3 moves

Matchstick puzzle, Turn around the fish in 3 moves

Fifth Matchstick puzzle, Move 3 sticks in tic-tac-toe figure to form 3 perfect squares

Hexagonal wheel to 3 triangles by removing 4 sticks

Convert 5 squares to 4 squares in 3 stick moves, third 5 square matchstick puzzle

Matchstick Puzzle - Make the kite nose-dive in 5 stick moves

Make 5 squares from 6 in 2 stick moves - 6 square matchstick puzzle

Move 3 sticks and convert 5 squares to 4 squares in 4th 5 square matchstick puzzle

Move 3 sticks and convert 4 squares to 3 squares matchstick puzzle

Move 8 sticks and convert 5 squares to 2 squares matchstick puzzle

First Move 3 sticks and make 2 squares matchstick puzzle

Second Move 3 sticks and make 2 squares matchstick puzzle

Remove 2 matchsticks to leave 6 triangles puzzle

Add 3 matchsticks to make 4 triangles - lateral thinking stick puzzle

Move 1 stick to make 4 closed shapes each with 3 or 4 sides

Move 2 sticks to make 5 closed shapes matchstick puzzle

Move 2 to make 7 squares matchstick puzzle - solution based on problem solving and innovation model

Move 4 to turn the tower upside down Matchstick puzzle

Move 2 matches to make 6 squares and move 8 matches to make 6 squares - a pair of matchstick puzzles

Move 3 matches to take the cherry out of wine glass and move 2 matches to take the cherry out - a pair of matchstick puzzles

Move 6 matches to make 5 squares

Move 2 matches and add 1 to make 2 diamonds puzzle

Move 4 matches to make 5 triangles matchstick puzzle

Remove 4 matches to leave 4 equal triangles puzzle

Transfer 1 match in two matchstick groups puzzle

Move 3 matches to make 5 equal squares puzzle

Matchstick puzzle move 4 to make 10 squares

Matchstick puzzle Move 2 for form 11 squares

Move 2 matches to make 3 triangles

Remove 3 matches to leave 3 triangles

Add 9 matches to make 8 nodes

Move 3 matches to make 7 squares matchstick puzzle

Move 4 to make 6 squares matchstick puzzle

Move 4 matches to form 3 square area