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Crack the Code Math Riddle: Missing Number Puzzle including 82

Crack the Code Math Riddle: Missing Number Puzzle including 82

Crack the Code Missing Number Puzzle to Test Your Logical and Analytical Thinking Skills

Spot the hidden pattern to crack the code in the missing number puzzle. Use your logical thinking, analytical skills and pattern identification skills.

This type of puzzles test your inventive thinking skill as well. After all, inventive thinking is: ability to find possibilities beyond the obvious.

The Crack the Code Missing number Puzzle including 82

   82 + 4 = 14

   95 - 3 = 11

   45 x 2 = 18

   81 / 3 = 3

   56 x 2 = ???

You have good logical thinking skills if you can quickly spot the hidden operation in each equation to crack the code.

Time taken should not be more than 3 minutes.

Solution to the crack the code math riddle including 82: A systematic step by step logical approach

Properties of the missing number puzzle: Analysis

  • One rule must satisfy each equation (or each pair of successive numbers for a series of numbers).
  • The digits are not coded, otherwise there would have been more variables than equations making the puzzle unsolvable.
  • Conclusion: each digit in the equations is the actual face value of the digit (for example, 8 is 8 and 2 is 2).
  • The key lies in an arithmetic operation on the left hand side of each equation.


  • In the first four equations, each one to be analyzed independently to discover how the result is formed.

Focus on the left hand side part: Logic Analysis

Logic says,

  • As the operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the usual arithmetic operations, and,
  • The single digits after the operator is the actual value of the digit,
  • Conclusion: The key operation must be hidden in the two digit numbers, 82, 95, 45 and 81. Our whole attention shifts to these numbers.


  • 82 is not of value 82, but 8 and 2 surely are of values 8 and 2 respectively.

Taking up the first equation, ask yourself, what operation on digits 8 and 2 can produce the result 14? This is the key question.

Answer is easy and immediate,

  • Just add 8 and 2 and you will have the result 14 as in the equation.

But this simple rule must satisfy each equation. Does it? This is the second important question.

  • Answer: Yes, it does. 9+5 - 3 = 11, (4+5) x 2 = 18, (8+1) / 3 = 3.

Solution: 56x2 = (5+6) x 2 = 22.

If you have followed the solution described till now, you would have realized:

  • At no point we have assumed anything without logic,
  • AND every step was taken without any trial or random attempt.

Combine logical thinking with Systematic approach, and you would get to the solution in no time with confidence.

I am pretty confident though, many of you have solved the puzzle in less than a minute's time. And you have done it in your own way.

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