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First matchstick puzzle is not so easy

First Matchstick Puzzle: Move 2 Matches to Make 5 Triangles

Fascinating matchstick puzzles: Move 2 Matches to Make 5 Triangles

In six triangle matchstick figure, move 2 matches to make 5 triangles. How many solutions can you find. First matchstick puzzle is not so easy.

Matchstick puzzles fascinated young and old for ages. Sticks are easily available, shapes can be made without any effort, and if you are curious, you can make a structure with many matchsticks and see what happens to the structure if you remove, move or add one and then more than one stick.

Possibilities are limited only by your time, interest and inclination to put your mind to more and more complexity.

For us love of matchstick puzzles started long back.

We would now share with you, our entertaining puzzle solving and puzzle making experiences starting with the problem figure below.

Matchstick puzzle 1: Move 2 matches to make 5 triangles

The six-triangle stick puzzle figure is shown below.

6 triangle matchstick puzzle 1

Problem definition:

There are six triangles. You have to MOVE 2 matches to new positions and transform the structure to a five triangle structure.

You cannot throw away any stick, add any new stick and in the new structure five complete triangles will only be there with no stick loose. All sticks must be a part of one or more than one triangle.

Recommended time for solution

Ten minutes, though you may take more time, but measure the time and remember the way you have solved it.

Second part of the problem

How many such possibilities are there?

If there are more than one possibility, find the others.

No recommended time for this part.


Solution to the stick puzzle

You can go through the solution to this puzzle here.

End note: Matchstick puzzles are great for nurturing the young mind in finding new possibilities in a cheap and simple way.

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