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Sharpen Your Thinking: Solve Day Before Two Days After Riddle

Sharpen Your Thinking: Solve Day Before Two Days After Riddle

Joining number of day before, days after statements together may confuse you. Example: The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday...

The day before two days after riddle

The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is Today?

Time to solve 5 minutes.

Hint: Don't think in circles. Think logically step by step and use the Problem Breakdown (or break up) technique.

Solution to the day before days after brain teaser


Use the Problem breakdown technique. Break up the puzzle into three easy to understand statements (bracketed):

(The day before two days after) (the day before tomorrow) (is Saturday). What day is Today? (target is to find the weekday of Today).


Find the equivalent simpler statements:

  • "(The day before two days after) the day" = "(One day after) the day"
  • "(the day before tomorrow)" = "Today"

Join the simpler statements: Replace "the day" by "Today"

  • "One day after Today" is Saturday.

Answer: Today is Friday.

Example of the Problem breakdown technique on English sentences

  • Sentence: "I will go shopping after I take my breakfast, but before I go the doctor."
  • Target: Order the three activities.

Use greater than ">" mathematical symbol to indicate activity on the left of the symbol occurs before the second activity. Once the simpler sentences are converted to this mathematically precise ordered form, it is easy to understand each as well as combine two or more such mathematically precise ordered form of simpler sentences together to get the final full order implied in the original long sentence.

This is use of Abstraction technique; the greater than symbol essentially helps to indicate a number greater than a second number precisely in mathematics. Its essential property is ordering two things. In maths, it orders numbers. In its abstract property of "Ordering two things", it will be used now to order precisely which action preceded which other.


  • " I will go shopping after I take my breakfast " (breakfast > shopping)
  • " I will go shopping before I go the doctor " = (shopping > visit to doctor)

Together, precise order is: (breakfast > shopping > visit to doctor).

Order of activities:

  • Take breakfast
  • Go shopping
  • Go to the doctor

Example of the Problem breakdown technique on Family Relationship riddles

If Tuhi's daughter is Tabu's daughter's mother, how is Tuhi related to Tabu?

Breakdown and inference:

  • (Tabu's daughter's mother) = Tabu,
  • Tuhi's daughter is Tabu = Tuhi is Tabu's mother.

Not any more twisting of your brain!

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