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Who wears which shirt color logic puzzle

Who wears which shirt color logic puzzle

Four of them wear shirts of 4 different colors. Whoever wears blue tells the truth, others lie. Find colors of their shirts from their statements.

The shirt color logic puzzle

Avik, Bani, Chris and Divya are wearing shirts of colors red, green, blue and gray today, but not necessarily in the same order. Rule of the game is—whoever wears the blue-colored shirt must tell the truth and the others must make false statements.

Today they made the statements:

Avik: Chris is wearing red.

Bani: Avik is not wearing gray.

Chris: Bani is wearing blue.

Divya: I will wear blue tomorrow.

Who wears which color today?

who wears which color shirt logic puzzle graphic

Recommended time to solve: 10 minutes.

Solution to who wears which shirt color logic puzzle

The most important statement is what the person wearing blue says. As it is not known who wears the blue today, the most important statement to analyze should be where blue color is mentioned. That will determine whether the person mentioning blue is the truth-teller today.

Chris says, Bani is wearing blue. Chris should have told—I am wearing blueif at all he wore blue. So,

Conclusion 1: Chris is not wearing blue and his statement is false.

It follows,

Conclusion 2: Bani is not wearing blue. Out of the four, Bani and Chris are out of consideration for wearing blue shirt today.

Bani not wearing blue must also imply that her statement is false. Her statement is: Avik is not wearing gray. What is the truth if this statement is false? Just the reverse,

Conclusion 3: Avik is wearing gray.

Three gone. Divya is the only person left. Divya is then the person wearing blue today. Shirt colors of two are now known—Avik is wearing gray and Divya wearing blue.

Question to ask: Who else mentioned a color other than gray and blue?

It is Avik. He exclaimed: Chris is wearing red. As Avik makes false statements today,

Conclusion 4: Chris must be wearing today a color other than red. The only color left is green.


Conclusion 5: Chris is wearing green and

Conclusion 6: Bani is wearing red.

Shirt colors of the four are:

Avik wears gray, Divya wears blue, Chris wears green and Bani wears red.

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