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Brain teaser

Move 2 sticks to make 7 squares matchstick puzzle - solution based on problem solving and innovation model


Move 2 sticks in the figure with 5 squares to create 7 squares. Recommended time is 10 minutes. Use reasoning based on matchstick concepts and techniques. The solution of the stick puzzle ends with derivation of model of problem solving and innovation...

Find the fake ball among 12 identical balls in 3 weighing hard puzzle with solution


In this hard 12 balls puzzle, you are given 12 identical looking balls with one of the balls fake and heavier or lighter than the others. You have to identify the fake ball in 3 weighing attempts. Given is a two-pan balance with no weights. How many ways can you solve the puzzle? This puzzle has rich learning potential on how to solve complex problems systematically...

The Tramcar Reunion Riddle - Systematic Problem Solving

thumb the riddle of the reunion in a tramcar

Two friends met in a tramcar after years. Their talks went somewhat like this, "...". It was English but can only be understood in part. A question was raised by the first friend and the second friend answered in a riddle with a hidden key. The first friend could finally discover the key and got his answer. Can you decipher the key to solve the riddle yourself? Read ahead...


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