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Efficient problem solving

SSC CGL Tier II level Question Set 9, Algebra 4

thumb_SSC CGL Tier 2 question set 9 algebra 4

This is the 9th question set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL Tier II exam and the 4th on topic Algebra. For maximum gains, the test should be taken first, that is obvious. But more importantly, to absorb the concepts, techniques and deductive reasoning elaborated through these solutions, one must solve many problems in a systematic manner using this conceptual analytical approach. One can learn well only by practicing learning by doing...

SBI PO type high level circular seating reasoning puzzle solved in confident steps 4


This is the fourth session on solving a SBI PO type high level reasoning puzzle in a few easy and confident steps without confusion. Logic table adapted for round table and strategic selection of logic conditions for execution enable quick solution without confusion for this circular seating reasoning puzzle with a special characteristic...

How to solve high level circular seating reasoning puzzles for SBI PO in confident steps 5


For solving high level SBI PO type Circular sitting arrangement reasoning puzzles with same ease, in this session we'd adapt the compact logic table representation and strategic logic statement execution methodology we had used in solving family relations, floor stay and other varieties of high level reasoning puzzles in earlier sessions...


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