NCERT solutions for class 10 maths Trigonometry set 4


With initial problem analysis and application of trigonometric expression simplifying and problem solving strategies, the problems chosen in this fourth NCERT trigonometry problem solving session could be solved in a few easy steps. Problem solving approach leads to quick solutions in minimum number of steps...

SSC CGL Tier II level Solved Questions Set 13 on time and distance problems and train problems 1


This is the 13th set of solved questions of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL Tier II exam and 1st on time and distance problems and train problems at this level. The questions are followed by answers and then the detailed conceptual solution explanation...

Bank PO type basic floor based reasoning puzzle solved in a few steps 3


In this third session on reasoning puzzles for Bank PO exams, the puzzle chosen is a floor stay puzzle at basic level. To solve this relatively easy puzzle, you need nevertheless to deal with the basic complexity that we face in solving floor stay type reasoning puzzles...


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