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Homeopathic Cures of My Ailments - Real Life Story of Sleep Cure

Homeopathic Cures of My Ailments - Real Life Story of Sleep Cure

Many diseases having no assured cure in conventional treatment can be cured by a good homeopath. Here is the story of homeopathic cure of my sleep problem.

This is about my conviction in the efficacy of homeopathic cure of ailments. I share my experiences here as they happened, not to prove or disprove any facts or belief, but just in the hope of some of you recognising the opportunities and trying it out for curing your ailments that are bothering you without relief for long.

The story of Homeopathic cures - My sleep problem is cured finally by Homeopathy

I suffered from poor sleep practically all through my adult life. This has been a real problem for the last twelve years after my retirement from active work life. With intense physical and mental demands of the work-life suddenly gone, it became increasingly difficult to calm my overactive mind to a blissful sleep.

I had initially tried Trika 0.25, a very mild sedative for some time with initial positive results. As it happens with such medicines, the efficacy wears off and previous undesirable situation returns.

In came Melatonin all the way from USA as a temporary cure of my sleep problem

My elder son suggested then Melatonin 10 mg which gave him good results for some time. I took his advice and procured Melatonin 10 mg through an online retail store platform. But my sleep syndrome took a different turn. Even after sleeping for seven hours when I woke up, I felt listless with sleepiness and lethargy. With partial satisfaction, I was using Melatonin 10 mg for a few years when my niece in Dubai mentioned the availability of Melatonin in reduced strengths.

I took heed to her words and experimented. Procured Melatonin 1 mg (imported all the way from the USA) and started taking 2 tabs of Melatonin 1 mg with very good initial results. With passing time though its effect waned. I couldn’t depend on it any longer for good dreamless sound sleep from which I would wake up every morning fresh and ready for the day with full mental and physical energy.

Again, my niece provided me a real good solution in the form of Melatonin 3 mg strips of Melts brand that was to be taken half an hour before going to bed. This really worked for both my niece and myself. I was happy. It didn't have the waking up lethargy issues. Sleep came without fail and quality of sleep was acceptable. But with passing time I faced the difficulty of procuring the Melts variety. It was not even in stock always. Also, I was not very certain anymore about its sleep cure effects.

Back to square one with conventional sedative as my sleep aid

Two and half years back I was in hospital for a surgery but before the day of surgery I discovered that I forgot to bring the Melatonin Melts. Without sleep aid, I felt helpless and started a tantrum shouting ‘I need a sleep aid tonight. I forgot my Melatonin’. Now I remember with amusement the predicament of my doctors as Melatonin was not available in medicine shops. The doctors were forced to prescribe Alprax 0.5 which helped me surely.

I was then back to square one in my Trika 0.25 days with only a stronger cousin Alprax 0.5 as my sleep aid now. Alprax, though not a healthy solution, worked. I didn’t have to go through the hassle and uncertainty of procuring Melatonin which is not available in medicine stores.

The final cure of my sleep problem by homeopathy

I was just managing my sleep duration and quality with Alprax 0.5, especially because of my occasional very bad sleep routine of sleeping very late in the night. Then among other things, a nagging cough started bothering me for a very long time. I got frustrated finding no cure for the cough.

Then I thought, why not my homeopath, Dr. Rupak Bhattacharya, whose treatment produced magical results in curing ailments of my close relatives and near ones. I made an appointment with Dr. Rupak, took his medicines, followed his instructions meticulously and my long persistent cough got cured completely.

So I thought, why not try Dr. Rupak for curing my sleep problem! And I consulted him, took his medicine for four months during which at last I got back my deep high quality sleep after decades.

Complexity of sleep problem

Now, let me clarify for those who are not so much aware of the complexity of sleep problem which is not really a disease as such. It ails,

  • Those with overactive mind doing less physical work and more of mental work.
  • Especially those of advanced age. With aging, Melatonin secretion gland gets weaker and and as soon as you start taking a sleep aid, the gland stops functioning.
  • Those with flatulence and stomach issues. Sleep gels severely impaired for people with bad digestion. It is a vicious circle, as bad sleep creates bad digestion which deteriorates sleep quality further.
  • Those who are very lonely and have a depressed mind. Without a happy and worry free mind, a good healthy lifestyle, good food regime, regular exercise and all, good sleep is difficult to achieve.
  • Those who have a long habit of working late through the night. The best sleep cycles are from 10 pm to 2 am and then again from 3 am to 5 am. Those who sleep late miss the benefits of natural sleep  cycles in human body.
  • Those who are addicted to mobiles or work with computers for long, especially before sleep. Among other known bad effects of excessive mobile or computer work, the effect of high frequency of mobile or Wifi or computers are usually not taken into account. Ideally you should stop using mobile or computer one hour before you go to bed. Also, it is better to switch off all mobiles in your room as well as the broadband Wifi router in your house.
  • Those who live in large congested cities. After all, we humans are frequency machines and all humans emit their own frequencies creating a general human frequency noise in a large city where in any case we live in a soup of frequencies created by mobile communication network. In such a large city we are also affected by frequencies emitted by billions of human minds around us. The last of course is my own hypothesis.

Anyway, take a little trouble to make time for a few days' trip away from your busy schedule and spend a few days in a room with thick mud walls in an isolated less known ecotourism place like Sirjan Farmstay. You will then experience the pure bliss of non-oscillating, no vibration calm mind under the large overhead canopy of stars amidst pure nature. And deep sleep.

I know the paradigm change in sleep problem far away from the congested city amidst open nature, as I had experienced such bliss many times.

Unfortunately, I cannot bring back that blissful pure nature environment into my life in the concrete jungle of Kolkata.

What others say about homeopathic treatment

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Last word: For any emergent medical case, go for conventional treatment, choose your doctor and also your hospital, if needed, with great care. But in specific ailments of chronic nature, you should try for Homeopathic treatment, again choosing your doctor with great care.

Disclaimer: Whatever is said here are my personal beliefs gathered through personal experiences. You must not take these as medical advice.