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Kolkata Durga Puja 2015 tour, first creative theme

An island amidst the concrete jungle of Kolkata

Vibrant, creative and intensely colorful Durga Puja festival started after a year-long wait. The weather was a bit hot but no rains, comfortable. We started our journey early to avoid heavy rush, foregoing the breathtaking evening lights by choice.

A narrow lane led towards the first Puja theme we would see today.


Lane leading to lights and creative colors

Near the island of color and patterns, we could see the beautiful gate.


Nearly reached the first Puja Pandal


Through the arch beckoned the eye-catching arena where our Devi waited for us.


Arch at the entrance of first Puja pandal


Durga idol nestled under the large flaring hood of the Pancha Nag. The hood itself was a creation of art.


A distant view of the idol, first Puja pandal


We offered our prayers to Devi Durga near now.


Devi Durga, first Puja theme


On the way out looking back, the riot of vibrant colors and patterns took our breath away. We marveled at the transformation of a drab little space with box-like buildings rising all around. Finally it has woken up from its year-long wait for the footfall of uncounted eager young and old. Again.


Riot of colors and patterns, first Puja pandal


We moved on towards our next destination.