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Kolkata Durga Puja 2015 tour, third creative theme

Calming Bengali folk art

As we entered the courtyard, walls around greeted us with colors we grew up with. It is classic Bengali folk art using mainly jute and bamboo strips. The color combination was especially pleasing.

Colorful courtyard, third Durga Puja theme


Devi darshan soothed us - no attempt to create novelty. Just straightforward basics. Classic. We miss it so much these days.


A treat to the eye, Devi Durga, Kolkata 2015


In the passage wall insets stood small figurines of Avatars. We always look around, near and far.


Deity figures on inner sanctum passage walls, Durga Puja 2015


We were not in a great hurry. Number of Puja pandal visits to do didn't bother us. Walking around leisurely I looked at an especially attractive portion of the courtyard wall.


Courtyard walls adorned with Bengali jute and bamboo strip folk art, Durga Puja 2015


Sometimes an isolated beauty catches my eye. It was a simple dome, but still.


Looking beautiful, Durga Puja 2015 third theme


It has been a pleasant experience.