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Math puzzle

How many addition signs needed to get the sum of 99 and two similar puzzles

thumb how many addition signs needed to make sum 99 puzzle

How many addition signs are to be placed between the digits of number 987654321 to get a total of 99, and where should they be placed? Time limit 10 minutes. In part 2 and 3 of the puzzle, use digits 1 to 9 each only once to form numbers sum of which is 99. Part 2: how many ways can you do it? Part 3: find the number of ways this can be done using minimum number of addition signs. For the last two parts of the puzzle there is no time limit...

Reverse cheque puzzle solution

thumb reverse cheque puzzle solution

Twice the amount written on cheque remained after spending 20 paise from amount received from bank. Cashier mistakenly interchanged paise with rupees. What were the cheque figures? Recommended time limit is 20 minutes. But do continue even if you exceed the limit, the puzzle is not that difficult...

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