Mixture or alligation

Basic and Rich Percentage Concepts for solving difficult SSC CGL problems

thumb percentage concepts

In business world, academics, Science and technology, or daily life, use of the concept of Percentage is ubiquitous and all-pervading. Because of its apparent simplicity though, this concept is taken for granted with not much emphasis on its elaboration and explanation....

SSC CGL level Solution Set 25, Arithmetic Percentage, Ratio and Proportion 4

thumb_SSC CGL solution set 25 percentage ratio proportion 4

This is the 25th solution set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL exam and 4th on topic Arithmetic Percentage, Ratio and Proportion including a few problems on profit and loss. Students should complete the corresponding question set in prescribed time first and then only refer to this solution set for extracting maximum benefits from this resource...


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