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Problem solving

Problem solving is solving any problem systematically at low cost. The thinking needed for systematic problem solving applies to solving any problem.

It is an open ended discipline of study for solving problems in academic or daily life not randomly but systematically and efficiently at low cost using a rich set of abstract tools and techniques.

These powerful tools and techniques are created from experience analysis and abstraction of usable resources spread over many subjects such as Management, Computer Science, Maths and so on. This approach enables us to apply a technique to solve a problem in Maths as efficiently as a complex business problem.


Real life problem solving: Help in solving varieties of real life problems through concepts and case stories.

Problem solving techniques: help to solve difficult problems quickly and elegantly.

Problem solving tools: are many and of varied power.

Problem solving skills: what are the essential problem solving skills and how to enhance the skills are discussed here.

Critical thinking: is an essential element for creating new ideas.

Recommended starting point

Article: Solve any problem yourself.

সেদিন ছিল জ্ঞানের দেবী সরস্বতী পুজোর কয়েকদিন আগের জোগাড় যন্তর

thumb সেদিন ছিল মানুষের জ্ঞানের দেবী সরস্বতীর পুজোর কয়েকদিন আগের দিন

মানুষের জ্ঞানের দেবী সরস্বতী। সকলের মনের মধ্যেই তিনি আছেন। দেবীমূর্তিকে যখন নমস্কার করে অঞ্জলির ফুল ছুঁড়বে, সে ফুল পড়বে মনের মধ্যে ঘুমিয়ে থাকা দেবির পায়ে।

Analysis of Real life problem solving by Other way round inventive principle - getting aware of the possibility

thumb tube and piercing cap in inventive principle other way round

Two daily life examples of application of Other way round inventive principle are highlighted. One of the two is analyzed in detail to arrive at the inventive solution just by Question, analysis, answer technique without applying any inventive principle directly.

Goal is to show how a common person can reach an inventive solution without being aware of inventive principle used and thus become conscious about the inventive possibilities...

Real life problem solving by Inventive Principle of Flexibility - Work from home model

thumb flexibility

If flexibility is introduced, greatly positive results happen helping to solve a serious problem. Principle of flexibility may be used as an inventive principle if it creates positive results for the decision makers and the persons affected by the decisions but creates minimal harm, preferably only positive results, to the environment surrounding the decision maker...

How a fruitful doctor patient consultation can be engineered, principle of positivity in play


I was a bit surprised to receive the call from my friend Ajay yesterday morning at 11. He never called at 11. If he calls, it is usually evening time. He should be busy with his affairs and don't have any reason to remember me now. Our work together will be in May. Not now in mid-April. Just as I guessed, there was a surprise in store for me...


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