Problem solving techniques

A problem solving technique shows a step by step sure way to solve a problem. It is a less abstract and more realistic way towards solving a problem.

A few examples of problem solving techniques are:

  1. How to find a troubleshooter to solve a grave real life problem,
  2. how to select right medicines in a hurry,
  3. how to take a decision of buy or not to buy,
  4. how to apply change analysis technique,
  5. how to to use base equalization technique,
  6. how to apply domain mapping,
  7. how to apply pattern analysis technique,
  8. how to apply delusion analysis technique,
  9. how to apply simple and complex logic analysis,
  10. how to apply technique of memory indexing and summarization,
  11. how to apply rule-set and deductive reasoning for fault diagnostics,
  12. how to use problem breakdown technique.

Not all the techniques are very novel and innovative. For example, problem breakdown technique is a natural way to solve large problems that many of you have applied.

Among these though a few deserves special mention.

We consider domain mapping technique as one of the most powerful broad-scoped problem solving techniques that can be applied to achieve highly unexpected positive results.

These are all general problem solving techniques to be used in daily lives. Apart from these solving math problems or brain teasers constantly require discovery and application of new problem solving techniques.

As you may guess, there may be a very large number of problem solving techniques that are just waiting to be discovered and used in a given problem situation.

This uncertainty gives rise to the main foundation of problem solving.


How a real life problem is solved - to buy or not to buy a new washing machine

thumb how a real life problem is solved buy or repair

This was a simple act of domain mapping using abstraction. The nature of fault was generalized to body repair, detaching it from the domain of washing machines. We were now on the lookout for a reliable mechanic in the more general higher layer domain of metal body repair...

How to solve a simple looking problem with a twist, domain mapping


In a problem that looks simple but somehow wrong and violates the commonly known concepts, power of abstraction may often overcome the apparently unknown and uncertain state and helps to reach the elegant solutions. On the way to the solution, usually a higher level rich concept is created the precise form of which was hidden just around the corner...

An unexpectedly successful application of Consult the Expert technique

Consult the expert technique story

True, how little do we know! No I am not talking about the subject of our individual expertise area. I am just observing a fact that being for example an out and out academician when you face the problem of commenting on the price of a prime old property you may feel totally at sea...


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