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How to change your world

Change the world

How to face a world around you that has suddenly become very difficult for you was always a great problem. You have to simply change yourself.

In the world we live, most people seem to be happy, going about their lives as if nothing is amiss, there is no serious problem anywhere around. Even if there is some minor problem, people grumble and then move on.

Not all people though are happy

Truth is – most people necessarily need to be unhappy. It is in human nature. Being thinking animals that we are, our collective unhappiness is bound to grow on a continuously rising curve.

Some of us facing hard reality confronted with gradually squeezing walls all around us may feel desperately unhappy – and think of change.

Some lament – why is the world so dark! Would I see bright days ever? I am suffering terribly. How can this suffering end?

Some feel unhappiness deep down in abstraction. Things are very wrong somewhere – they feel. Now I have whatever I wanted a few years back, still I see dark shapes lurking in the shadows just beyond the edge of the small lighted space around.

All feel – if only the world would have been different, I would have been securely happy forever.

What can you do about it?

Change is in Nature. Everything in Nature is created for change – this Universe, the Earth, this human society, you and me. The seasons, the trees and forests, the course of a river – all. Your surroundings, your environment that seems to trap you will also change – someday.

The big task is – you should make yourself ready when the change comes. It is logical.

Will you change the world?

Many of us, in the past and present times are deeply engaged in their task of changing the world for the better.

If any of us strive to make the world a worse place to live in, we would say, that must be unintended, out of lack of awareness about what really sustains, what really creates all round positivity. Such negative forces were always there, will always be there. It is a matter of collective choice.

Nature and evolution have their own laws. It is finally all a matter of choice.

The important question to confront is – would you join the world changing positive movements? We would say, yes of course, but if only they accept you and you are ready for it. Are you?

Law of Few

This law is universal. Out of a crowd, only a few are proactive. When an accident happens in a busy street a few rush in and start taking actions. Others look on. That is natural. These are the masses.

The few will always be proactive – it is in their nature. Some of them will work hard to change the world for the better. The masses will always tread their path wearily, one foot forward and then the next.

Let’s face it. You and I of the masses can’t change the world. We find it hard to keep standing, let alone run.

Can’t we do anything?

What are the choices? Do or don’t do? You want to do. What to do? Change the world? Out of consideration for now. What are the choices left?

If we apply our favourite Principle of Exhaustivity, there are at least two choices for us:

  • Leave this world
  1. Either from life
  2. Or from human civilization – go for hermitage, with no wants. People do take such choice paths.
  • Change yourself.

Changing myself

Why did it take so long to come! It is just as natural as it is hard to imagine at first. And we find a little later it is harder to achieve.

How can I change myself? I am weak in health, I am aged, I have little money to spare, I am helpless – so many imponderables – so many walls that squeezed you on till now.

But you have your mind!

If you are not brain-damaged, your mind will be with you with its enormous untapped power that you have not used till now.

Human mind can heal physical and mental deficiencies like no one, like no medicine. There are numerous instances all around you, real life instances of inherent power of human mind. You just haven’t used it till now.

That’s it. You don’t have to pass any hard exam. You don’t have to come first in any race – you just have to have a belief that your mind is the most powerful friend that you have and start taking actual steps to awaken and enable your mind to do things bit by little bit that would take you finally out of the corner you are in.

Analyze your abilities

What are the things you like to do, really like to do and can do? Try to remember, feel your way in yourself. Think deeply.

Did you drafted drawings well but failed to learn how to draw the plans in a computer? Learning computer drafting is much easier than learning how to draft complicated professional quality drawings.

Could you do math sums easily during your school days? You may be sure that nearly the whole world is need of good math teachers. Prepare right from the start and revise your foundational knowledge. Then start your attempt to find willing and needy students. It won’t happen in a day, but it would certainly happen. Without any doubt.

You suddenly remember, you could console people – specially old people, very well. It came to you naturally. You could understand them. You could communicate with them. The world is getting gradually more aged and helpless, with few people to talk to them, let alone take care of them. Nurture your ability. Start on this path of uplifting yourself and the aged – seeking people who need your help and seeking groups who need persons like you.

Change and fulfil

There is always a need for an ability that you have, but haven’t nurtured and used with focus. Now is the time to start. It is never too late to start on a new journey. Young, middle-aged and old – so many have done it around us.

At some point of time, they had decided with finality, went ahead with firm resolve and finally came out of darkness.

When you come out of darkness though, please don’t forget to look around searching for people who are neck-deep in their helplessness and whom you can perhaps lend a hand now.

Change. Learn and change. Change the world in your own way.