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How to make a man fall for you, or not

Men, women and the game of chasing

how to make a man fall for you or not

Men pursue women to enjoy the thrill of chase. From a more scientific view, levels of dopamine is elevated in a man pursuing a woman, hence the chase.

They enjoy the drama, the adrenaline and the rush. Men like the idea of taking up a challenge and meeting it. Some men are naturally competitive, it’s fun for them to woo a girl and conquer the battle to win her over.

From a more scientific perspective, in some men the levels of dopamine (feel good hormone) is elevated while pursuing a woman, hence the chase.

Having said that, the game can only go on for so long, there has to be events of give and take. If a girl doesn’t show interest for too long, the show stops then and there.

Some men are even turned off by the idea of running after a girl. Some are more of ''love-at-first-sight” or “head-over-the-heels’’ romantic types. A girl must figure out what kind of guy she is dealing, well fishing with!

There is no denying the fact that women too enjoy when they are being wooed, or rather chased. Like men feel good chasing, women feel good being “chased”. She’ll drop hints here and there, bespeaking of her interest in him but the man has to invest ample amount of time in the courtship to woo her. The extent or rather the spell of his pursuit should be long enough for her to reciprocate fully.

Coming back to the chasers, they are generally taken aback by the concept of girls confessing their feelings first. The thrill ends and they drift away.

If a girl professes her fondness beforehand, and the reply she receives is negative, she must and oh! She must start IGNORING him. Stop giving him even the slightest piece of attention. Just stop fishing for him.

He may not have reciprocated her feelings, but he did enjoy her attention. Just like girls, men too fancy the attention of the opposite sex. They even wonder whether or not she is still checking him out, whether or she is still crazy about him. He will laugh at her jokes and flirt with her a little to keep the spell of his charm going on her. The longer a girl stays crazy for a man, the more desirable he becomes for other women. It’s like estimating the durability of their male charm. Everyone likes to have an admirer you know, even better if it’s not a secret one!

So, by simply avoiding him, you demolish his self-worth, proving how short lived his ‘’Charm’’ was. Start off fresh. Hang out with other guys, flirt once in a while, go around with your friends, start working out, post the hottest selfies and keep your career on track. Sooner or later you will find a guy who admires you the way you want.

Meanwhile, if the first fish comes back, do not let him in easy. Rather don’t let him in at all. And if he doesn’t come, well in that case, hell you are lucky!

There are so many fishes in the sea and so many seas out there to fish in! Keep on fishing…