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Reasoning and logic analysis

Topic Reasoning in Competitive tests and Logic analysis

Apart from Maths and English, problem solving skill is tested in modern day leading competitive tests through a relatively new topic Reasoning. Though in daily life use, reasoning involves use of result bearing common sense also, in a formal academic test environment usually there is no place for subjectivity. Thus a number of different types of problems each with precise answers have been designed for testing the pattern recognition skill, analytical skill and logic analysis skill of the student, and are clubbed under the topic Reasoning.

Typically Reasoning includes problems of types, Analogy, Coding-decoding, Family relations, Logic puzzles or even English word, sentence and paragraph analysis.

We will start this new branch with how to solve the relatively more difficult and confusing logic puzzles efficiently in quick time by applying the powerful collapsed column logic analysis technique and then will go on to explore other types of Reasoning problems that require efficient problem solving.

In general stress will be on logic analysis.

How the following posts are organized

All the posts starting with "How to solve..." belong to the top level category of Tutorial. The rest are gathered from other categories of posts because the content of such a post is predominantly rich in Reasoning or Logic analysis. The tutorials are more academic with more detailed explanations.

An example of such other-than-Tutorial category posts is, SBI PO type high level floor stay reasoning puzzle solved few confident steps 1 under subcategory SBI PO which is under top level category Exams. This has been the first post in a series of SBI PO level reasoning puzzles solved and explained in detail under category exams.

A second example of such other-than-Tutorial category posts is, Method based solution of Einstein's logic analysis puzzle whose fish under subcategory Brain teasers which is under top level category Variety. This in fact is the detailed solution of a very popular and large assignment logic analysis puzzle generally known as Einstein's puzzle or Einstein's riddle that we solved applying the efficient Collapsed column logic analysis technique.

This series of posts starts with first presentation of the Collapsed column logic analysis technique in How to solve difficult SBI PO level reasoning puzzles in a few simple steps 1.

The posts appear in latest first time sequence.

How to solve Einstein's puzzle Whose fish confidently, an improved method based solution


Five nationals live in five differently colored houses, keep five different pets, drink five different fluids and smoke five different brands of cigarette. From 15 given statements, you have to answer—who owns the fish? Known popularly as Einstein's puzzle it was solved here more than one and half years back. This is an improved method based solution that can be understood and strategies learned by anyone...

Bank PO type high level floor stay reasoning puzzle solved in quick steps 4


In this fourth session on reasoning puzzles for Bank PO exams, the puzzle chosen is a floor stay puzzle that has fairly large number of conditions as well as is a three variable reasoning puzzle that is not easy. Majority of the basic and advanced patterns and methods for reasoning puzzle solving needed to be used for quick solution of this well-formed tricky problem...

SBI PO type high level floor stay reasoning puzzle solved in confident steps 11


In this 11th session on solving reasoning puzzles of SBI PO type, the puzzle chosen is a floor stay reasoning puzzle of high level. To solve this relatively hard puzzle, analysis of the problem, precise selection of the right conditional statement sequence to execute and involved multi-variable elementary logic analysis are required. Overall, this is a good puzzle to solve because of its considerable amount of learning potential...

How to solve high level nine position circular seating reasoning puzzles for SBI PO quickly 8


In this eighth tutorial session, while solving a high level nine person circular seating reasoning puzzle, we will give more time to analysis of all the logic conditions together. With a feel of the nature of the problem then, we will identify the main barrier to the problem, select the most promising logic conditions to process first, and take the next steps to remove the main barrier...

How to solve high level circular seating arrangement reasoning puzzles for SBI PO quickly 7


In this seventh tutorial session, while solving an especially difficult circular seating reasoning puzzle, we have used the rigorous form of first condition selection strategy to select the first statement with maximum present and future certain assignment potential. The second key strategy for quick solution to this hard puzzle has been creation of alternate logic table level configuration...

Reverse cheque puzzle solution

thumb_reverse cheque puzzle solution

On finally receiving double the amount he wrote in cheque after 20 paise was expended from amount received from bank, Bhabababu understood that the bank cashier must have given rupees for paise written on cheque, and paise for rupees written on cheque. The reversing created a basic confusion in finding the cheque amount...


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