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Suresolv Reasoning puzzles and logic puzzles

Tutorials on Reasoning puzzles for Bank PO. Solved Reasoning puzzles of medium and hard difficulty levels for Bank PO and Solved logic puzzles just for entertainment.

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Reasoning puzzle for Bank PO exams is extensively covered.

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Bank PO type high level floor stay reasoning puzzle solved in quick steps 4


In this fourth session on reasoning puzzles for Bank PO exams, the puzzle chosen is a floor stay puzzle that has fairly large number of conditions as well as is a three variable reasoning puzzle that is not easy. Majority of the basic and advanced patterns and methods for reasoning puzzle solving needed to be used for quick solution of this well-formed tricky problem...

SBI PO type high level floor stay reasoning puzzle solved in confident steps 11


In this 11th session on solving reasoning puzzles of SBI PO type, the puzzle chosen is a floor stay reasoning puzzle of high level. To solve this relatively hard puzzle, analysis of the problem, precise selection of the right conditional statement sequence to execute and involved multi-variable elementary logic analysis are required. Overall, this is a good puzzle to solve because of its considerable amount of learning potential...


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