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Windows and doors

Stepping out

Windows and doors

I stood by my open narrow window. It was raining. Rain spears falling straight to soft mother earth, to the green leaves and to the roofs of the buildings yonder. Thin spears…it was rainy season…softly falling raindrops, making the whole world seem soft wet and comfortable. Dryness is lack of life. I projected myself through the narrow window. The world outside my white-walled room was so inviting with so many colors, with fresh open air, with so many myriads of life. I longed for it. In my room I felt dried up.

I felt like going out. Then I remembered my door. Oh yes, I have to go out only through doors, not through windows. Every morning I go out through my door to the fresh open air and forget the static ordinariness of the room I leave behind. While I walk, I savor the rustle of the leaves, the sweet singing of little birds and the morning sun filtering through the tall trees. I get myself detached from my routine life and immerse in the environs around me.

Still standing by the window I shifted my attention inside the room. Tukai was sitting in front of his computer watching a movie. I said, “Do you know, life is full of windows and doors? Through a window you can project your mind, but to go out bodily and immerse yourself in another environment, you need to have doors.” His attention was riveted on the windows on his screen. I had to repeat my idea again. He nodded.

I went on explaining, “Our last trip to the brown March jungles was going out through a door, your sitting at the computer is looking through windows.” I laughed is literally looking through the windows. Tukai smiled and appreciated. I continued, “Windows are so important, you know. They are outlets to the mind that bring in freshness to the mind and keep it alive. If you remain locked up in your white-walled room continuously you will lose your humanness, your liveliness, your creativity.” I thought…but going out through a door is more important.

As if Tukai heard me thinking. He asked, “But when I go out of our house to the outside world and on to my school do I go out of a door?” I paused for a moment. Yes, he was right. Routineness of our lives extends beyond our rooms to the outside world also. Walking along the most beautiful jungle path if I go on thinking about my city life I really have not been able to come out of my door.

I wondered…life has been full of windows and doors. Perhaps I never went out of a door. All my life I only looked through open windows to the outside world that could have been real or who knows…might have been just my imagination!