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SSC CGL Algebra solving quickly 13, A novel approach

We have solved an apparently unsolvable problem in this 13th video session on SSC CGL level Algebra problem solving in a few steps. We could find no way to transform the given expression to get the value of the target expression, nor could we evaluate the values of three variables directly from the given expression. As these two main approaches by which most competitive algebra problems are solved failed, we had to resort to a novel method using trial of choice values against target expression for feasibility and then verification of the values thus obtained from the given expression. We have worked backwards. Finally, the solution was quick and satisfactory and it taught us a few new things about how to solve problems. The concepts and methods should prove valuable in addition, for SSC CGL Tier II, CAT or GMAT where algebra is a topic.

Detailed article is available at How to solve SSC CGL level algebra problem in a few steps 13.