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SSC CGL level Solution Set 10 Algebra 4 video part 1

The five problems with a few difficult ones were solved in mind using special concepts and techniques explained with precision and details. Important concepts used were zero sum of square expressions, collection of like terms, three variable sum of cubes expansion, binary choice selection, working backwards technique, and mathematical reasoning. Solutions of two problems, the 3rd and the 5th, need special mention. The 3rd problem is solved using a novel method comprising of mathematical reasoning, binary choice selection for speed and working backwards technique. In contrast, the solution of 5th problem needed strategic approach to simplification to achieve maximum clarity and speed. The Concepts and Techniques form the BASIC SKILLSET for solving harder algebra problems EASILY IN MIND.

These are the first 5 questions 1 to 5 and form the 1st part of video on the article SSC CGL Solution set 10, Algebra 4 from