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SSC CGL Solution Set 56 Trigonometry 5 part 1 video

In part 1, the first 5 trigonometry questions in SSC CGL Solution set 56 on trigonometry 5 of are solved with clear explanation. Approach is to take minimum time to solve each problem using concepts and special methods and expected outcome is, you should also be able to understand apply the methods on your own.

Just to mention, a few of these 5 problems you may find to be a bit difficult.

Pattern discovery and suitable use of concepts and method have by far been the main components of the quick solutions. The notable of the methods used are, trigonometric expression minimization, compound angle expansion, quadratic expression minimization, mutually inverse trigonometric expressions, friendly trigonometric function pair, trigonometric ratios, trigonometric function conversion, sum of natural number series, and mathematical reasoning.