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SSC CGL Solution Set 65 Trigonometry 6 part 2 video

In this part 2, the last 5 questions in SSC CGL Solution set 65 on trigonometry 6 of are solved with clear explanation. Approach has been to solve each problem in minimum time using basic trigonometric and algebraic concepts and suitable methods. You should also be able to understand and apply the methods on your own.

A few of these 5 problems may seem to be difficult but nevertheless are solved in quick time using trigonometric and algebraic concepts and techniques.

Pattern discovery and suitable use of concepts and method have by far been the main components of the quick solutions. The notable of the methods used are, end state analysis approach, basic trigonometric relations, double square root surd simplification, trigonometric ratio values, coefficient interchange technique, mutually inverse trigonometric expressions, friendly trigonometric function pair, trigonometric function conversion, indices concept, algebraic techniques, and mathematical reasoning.