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Question sets and Solution sets on all topics for SSC CGL test. Quick concept based solutions embody systematic and quick problem solving in maths.

Solutions for the question sets form the most valuable component as each problem is solved in only a few steps by problem solving techniques.

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Algebraic proof of Least value of sum of reciprocals for any number of positive variables


The result of the least value of sum of reciprocals, used in Algebra represents an important principle of value sharing.

For two positive real variables $a$ and $b$ for example, if $a+b=1$, the least value of sum of reciprocals of $a$ and $b$ will occur when the value of the sum 1 is shared equally between the two variables. This remarkable equal value sharing principle hold true for any number of variables as well as for any positive sum of the variables...

SSC CGL level Solution Set 35 Algebra 10 video Part I

The five problems are not easy but could all be solved quickly enough by pattern discovery and application of suitable techniques. This set of solutions is rich in learning. The solutions and concepts are explained in details. Important concepts used are mathematical reasoning, pattern discovery, strategy of algebraic expression simplification, double componendo dividendo, adapted componendo dividendo, zero valued factoring, and coefficient comparison of like terms. The Concepts and Techniques form the BASIC SKILLSET for solving harder algebra problems EASILY IN MIND...

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