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The most fascinating brain game

Sudoku is a fascinating brain game often called as Rubik's cube of 21st century. From a 3 year old child to an 80 year old person can enjoy Sudoku in her own way.

Strengths of Sudoku

  • A Sudoku game has some of the 81 cells in a 9 by 9 matrix filled with digits. Rest you have to fill using digits 1 to 9. No digit can appear twice in a row, a column or in any of the 3 by 3 major squares.
  • No need to know maths or any other subject to play Sudoku. You should only be able to find useful patterns in the digits for breakthrough.
  • Sudoku improves brain function, specifically problem solving and pattern recognition abilities.
  • A nearly endless supply of Sudoku games of varieties of difficulty levels are available in popular websites and mobile apps.
  • Sudoku games appear in difficulty levels of easy, medium, hard and expert. One can attain expertise step by step.

Sudoku solutions hard to find

Very little is available in the area of "How to solve Sudoku of various difficulty levels". To address this vacuum, we have created Sudoku solutions of,

Use the resources to become a Sudoku expert from a Sudoku beginner.


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