Sudoku Second level game play 6

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Sudoku Second level game play 6

Let's play the sixth Sudoku game at second level hardness


This is the sixth game play at second level Sudoku.

We won't play this game with great deliberation and analysis. We will use naturally the repertoire of techniques that we have developed till now as required.

We will use DSA technique and Cycle concept more frequently. Nevertheless quick scan of row and column will always be a staple technique.

To know what is a cycle or DSA you may refer to our first and second game play sessions at level 2. From this game on, we will straightway go for game play without any explanation.

The Sudoku second level game 6

<Sudoku second level game 6-1

R7C1 7 scan C2, C3 -- R7C2 5, scan R8, R9 -- R3C5 3, scan C6, R2 -- R2C4 4, scan C6 -- (6,7,9) cycle in C6, rest three cells form a DSA [1,2,5] -- R6C6 5 DSA [1,2,5] in C6 -- R6C8 6, DSA [4,6,8] in R6 -- R6C7 4, DSA [4,8] in R6 -- R6C5 8.

Furthermore, R3C9 4, scan C7, C8 -- R1C3 4, scan R2, R3, C1 -- R5C5 4, scan C4, C6, R4 -- R7C5 6, DSA [6, 7] in C5 -- R4C5 7 -- R7C9 1, DSA [1,3,9] in R7 -- R7C4 3, DSA [3,9] in R7 -- R7C7 9 -- R4C2 6, DSA [2,6,5] in R4 -- R4C4 2, DSA [2,5] in R4 -- R4C3 5.

The following figure shows the results of our efforts till now with two cycles (1,2) and (1,7) formed in C6 and C4 respectively. Additionally we have shown a two digit DSA [1,8] in cell R8C3.

Sudoku second level game 6-2

Then further on, R5C6 1, DSA cancel -- R8C6 2, DSA cancel -- R5C4 6 -- R3C8 1, scan R1, C7 -- R1C7 2, scan R2, C8 -- R5C9 2, scan C7, C8 -- R5C8 5, scan C7 -- R5C7 7 -- R1C8 7, scan C7 -- R2C7 8 -- R8C8 8 -- R8C3 1, DSA cancel -- R8C4 7, DSA cancel -- R9C4 1 -- R8C7 3 -- R9C7 6 -- R9C9 7 -- R1C6 9, DSA cancel.

The last steps, R3C6 6, DSA cancel -- R2C6 7 -- R1C1 8, scan R2, R3 -- R2C3 6, scan C2, R3 -- R2C2 1, scan R3 -- R3C1 2, scan C3 -- R3C3 9 -- R9C2 9, scan C3 -- R9C3 8 -- R5C3 3 -- R5C1 9 -- R5C2 8. End. Game solved.

Sudoku second level game 6-3-solved

A special note for you

We haven't tried to optimize. So we feel that this more complex game is solvable by following an easier path.

You should try to reach one of the simpler solutions.

Lastly, we leave a game for you to solve.

A game for you to solve

We leave you here with a new game for you to solve. In our next session we will present its solution and another new game.


Sudoku second level game 6-exercise

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