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Sudoku Second level game play 7

Sudoku level 2 game 7 Quick solution

Quick solution to Sudoku level 2 game 7

Follow the quick solution to the Sudoku level 2 game 7 using not only basic row column scan but also DSA and Cycle use techniques in addition.

In this game we will find a valid cell as it catches our eyes. What we mean, we won't play the game by the book, we will play as naturally and randomly as our fancy takes us. We can afford to play this way as our comfort level has increased by playing a number of earlier games and building our set of useful patterns for finding a valid cell.

Generally we will use DSA technique and Cycle concept more frequently. Nevertheless quick scan of row and column will always be a staple technique.

Usually we will form the DSAs in mind and will use it when required. When we don't get any easy breakthrough, then only we start writing especially the two digit cell DSAs. More often than not, proceeding this way a little ahead, the DSAs enumerated produce a breakthrough.

To know what a cycle or DSA is, you may refer to our first and second game play sessions at level 2. We will straightway go for game play without any explanation.

The Sudoku level 2 game 7

Sudoku second level game 7-1

R1C3 1, scan C1, C2 -- R8C9 1, scan R7, R9 -- R9C2 4, scan R8, C3 -- R9C8 7, scan R7, C7 -- R4C3 7, scan R5, R6 -- R1C8 8, scan R2, C7 -- R7C9 5, DSA [4,5,9] in C9 -- R4C8 2, long DSA [2,4,5,6] in C8 -- R7C8 6, DSA [4,5,6] in C8 -- R9C7 2 -- R7C3 3, DSA [2,3] in R7 -- R7C6 2 -- R6C3 9, DSA [5,6,9] in C3.

We will now form two digit DSAs in a few cells before we go over to the next stage.

DSA [6,7] in R3C1 in R3 of [1,6,7,9] -- DSA [6,9] in R3C2 in R3 of [1,6,7,9] -- DSA [6,7] in R2C1 in top left 9-square large cell of DSA [5,6,7,9]. This created a useful cycle [6,7] in R2C1 and R3C1.

The following figure shows the results of our efforts till now.

Sudoku second level game 7-2

Then further on R3C2 9, DSA cancel because of cycle -- R1C2 5 for cycle (6,7) -- R8C1 8, DSA [3,8] in C1 because of cycle (6,7) -- R5C1 3, because of cycle (6,7) -- R3C4 6, DSA [1,6,7] in R3 -- R3C1 7, DSA cancel -- R2C1 6 -- R3C7 1 -- R1C7 6, scan R2.

Next 18 cells, R1C4 4, DSA [4,9] in R1 -- R1C5 9 -- R6C5 2, scan R4, R5, C6 -- R2C4 2, scan C5, C6 -- R5C2 6, scan R6 -- R6C2 8 -- R8C2 2 -- R4C5 6, scan R5, R6, C4 -- R4C4 3, DSA [3,9] in R4 -- R4C7 9 -- R2C9 9, scan C7, C8 -- R2C7 5, DSA [4,5] in 9-cell square top right -- R2C8 4 -- R5C8 5 -- R5C9 4 -- R6C7 3 -- R6C6 5 -- R5C4 8, DSA [1,8,9] in R5.

The last steps, R8C4 5 -- R9C3 5, scan R8 -- R8C3 6 -- R8C6 7, DSA [3,7] in R8 -- R8C5 3 -- R2C5 7, scan C6 -- R2C6 1 -- R5C5 1, scan C6 -- R5C6 9 -- R9C5 8 -- R9C6 6. End. Game solved.

Sudoku second level game 7-3 solved

A special note for you

We haven't tried to optimize. So we feel that this more complex game is solvable by following an easier path.

You should try to reach one of the simpler solutions.

Lastly, we leave a game for you to solve.

A game for you to solve

We leave you here with a new game for you to solve. In our next session we will present its solution and another new game.


Sudoku second level game 7 exercise

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