Sudoku Second level game play 8

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Sudoku Second level game play 8

Let's play the eighth Sudoku game at second level hardness


This is the eighth game play at second level Sudoku. We will play this game naturally with moves that stream in one after the other. Occasionally as we are stuck, we start writing mainly two digit DSAs in favorable cells till we get a break again. This carefree way of playing is possible because we have developed a repertoire of techniques through our Sudoku game playing past few weeks. We have learned new techniques and used the techniques modifying them and tuning them as required. In short we have learned how to play Sudoku comfortably with confidence.

The same method of learning-doing-learning we employ when we go into any new area.

Usually we will still use row-column scan, but use of DSA is gaining favor as well as cycles. To know what a cycle or DSA is you may refer to our first and second game play sessions at level 2.

We will now go for game play without any more delay.

The Sudoku second level game 8

Sudoku second level game 8-1

R6C9 1, scan R4, R5, C8 -- R3C9 2, scan C7, C8, R2 -- R1C4 2, scan R2, R3 -- R4C6 2, scan C4 -- R6C4 9 -- R7C6 5, scan C4, C5, R9 -- R9C6 8, scan C4, C5 -- R7C5 3, DSA [1,3,6] in 9-cell bottom middle large square -- R3C5 4 -- cycle (1,6) formed in cells R7C4 and R8C4 in column C4.

Then again, R3C4 3, cycle (1,6) in C4 -- R3C6 1, scan R2 -- R2C6 7 -- R1C2 1, scan R2, R3, C3 -- R2C1 3, scan R3, C3 -- R2C9 9, DSA [4,9] in R2 -- R2C3 4 -- R4C9 3, DSA [3,6,7,8] in C9, this is a long DSA, but we try long DSAs also -- R5C9 6, DSA [6,7,8] in C9 -- R8C9 8, DSA [7,8] in C9 -- R7C9 7 -- R6C8 7, scan R4, R5 -- R3C87, scan R1, R2, C8 -- R9C2 7, scan R7, R8, C3, 7 over -- R9C3 6, DSA [1,3,6] in R9 -- R9C8 3, DSA [1,3] in R9 -- R9C7 1.

The following figure shows the results of our efforts till now. Let us go over to the next stage.

Sudoku second level game 8-2

Then further on, R6C3 2 DSA cancel -- R7C1 2, scan c2, C3, R8 -- R7C3 8, DSA [5,8,9] in C3 -- R1C3 5, DSA cancel -- R3C3 9 -- R5C2 3, scan C1, R4, R6 -- R1C7 3, DSA cancel -- R1C8 8 -- R3C8 5 -- R4C7 5, scan C8 -- R4C8 4, scan R5 -- R5C8 9 -- R7C8 6 -- R7C4 1, DSA cancel -- R8C4 6 -- R7C7 9, scan R8 -- R8C8 4 -- R8C1 1.

And then the last steps, R7C2 4 -- R4C1 8, DSA [8,9] in R4 -- R4C2 9 -- R5C1 5 -- R3C2 8, scan C1 -- R3C1 6 -- R6C1 4 -- R6C2 6. End. Game solved.

Sudoku second level game 8-3-solved

A special note for you

We haven't tried to optimize. So we feel that this more complex game is solvable by following an easier path.

You should try to reach one of the simpler solutions.

Lastly, we leave a game for you to solve.

A game for you to solve

We leave you here with a new game for you to solve. In our next session we will present its solution and another new game.


Sudoku second level game 8 exercise

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