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Sudoku solutions from beginner level Sudoku to hard Sudoku can be used for learning most of the possible Sudoku problem solving techniques.

The most fascinating brain game

Sudoku is the most fascinating brain game often called as Rubik's cube of 21st century, but it is more than that. From a 3 year old child to an 80 year old person can enjoy Sudoku in her own way.

Strengths of Sudoku

The strength of Sudoku lies not only in its variety and depth, but significantly in its range of difficulty levels, its total freedom from any knowledge on any subject, its ability to pose challenge to the intellect in a smoothly rising gradient as well as its proven effect in enhancing the concentration and power of thinking.

Sudoku improves your problem solving and pattern recognition abilities

We are confident that playing Sudoku improves pattern recognition and problem solving abilities if you play it systematically in a controlled manner. This is the reason why Sudoku is introduced reportedly in schools and even used in a few organizations for recruitment of employees.

Sudoku is very popular

These are only a few of the reasons for its widespread popularity all over the world. Practically every newspaper carries Sudoku games along with its usual offering of Crossword puzzles. Books to large collections of Sudoku game boards are available in various media including the mobile app library.

A great companion

If you really want to pass your time without depending on a second person playing a brain game that won't tire you out ever, start learning and playing Sudoku.

Endless challenge to intellect

We became interested in Sudoku because of its ability to pose endless challenge to the mind without taxing your mind or any other resource. This is especially important today as the trend is towards fragmentation of human communication.

Reason for our focus on Sudoku

While going into this new world of Sudoku only a year back and enjoying its challenges, we found many people interested in the game but unable to go forward. Now we know the reasons because of our focus on efficient problem solving.

Through these pages on Sudoku we will address those large number of people interested in Sudoku, having access to the wonderful game boards all around but facing a block unable to go forward.

As usual our focus will be the beginners and those who want to refresh their Sudoku playing skills. Our interest will always start right from the ZERO base point.

We will start with a series of detailed step by step solution and explanation of Sudoku game boards.


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