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Systematic problem solving

How old is Mommy - Puzzling Problem on Ages Solved in Easy Steps by Systematic problem solving


The difference of ages of two children and the sum of the squares of their ages are given. The mother's age can be formed by placing squares of the ages of the two children one after the other forming a 4-digit number. Such a problem hides key patterns that, if discovered, give you the solution immediately...

The Tramcar Reunion Riddle - Systematic Problem Solving

thumb the riddle of the reunion in a tramcar

Two friends met in a tramcar after years. Their talks went somewhat like this, "...". It was English but can only be understood in part. A question was raised by the first friend and the second friend answered in a riddle with a hidden key. The first friend could finally discover the key and got his answer. Can you decipher the key to solve the riddle yourself? Read ahead...


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