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Do the Ghosts Exist - Unexplained Paranormal Experiences

Do the Ghosts Exist - Unexplained Paranormal Experiences

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Well known unexplained paranormal experiences mostly involving ghosts

This is a collection of notable unexplained paranormal experiences mostly involving ghosts. The stories of experiences either appeared in media or in books.

Most notorious unexplained paranormal experiences published in news

There are many unexplained ghost news stories that have been published in the media, but some of the most notorious ones are:

  • The Enfield Poltergeist: This is a case of alleged paranormal activity that occurred in a council house in Enfield, England, between 1977 and 1979. The main focus of the activity was Janet Hodgson, a 12-year-old girl who claimed to be possessed by a malevolent spirit. The phenomena included levitation, furniture moving, objects flying, knocking sounds, and voices. The case was investigated by several researchers and journalists, and some of them witnessed the events firsthand. However, skeptics have argued that the case was a hoax, and that Janet and her siblings were faking the manifestations.
  • The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall: This is a ghost story that dates back to the 18th century, when Lady Dorothy Walpole, the wife of Charles Townshend, was allegedly locked up in Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, by her husband after he discovered her affair. She died in 1726, and her ghost is said to haunt the hall ever since. The most famous evidence of her presence is a photograph taken in 1936 by two photographers from Country Life magazine, who claimed to have captured her image on the staircase. The photograph has been widely circulated and debated, with some claiming it is genuine and others dismissing it as a double exposure or a trick of the light.
  • The Amityville Horror: This is a story of a haunted house in Amityville, New York, where Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his parents and four siblings in 1974. A year later, the Lutz family moved into the house, but fled after 28 days, claiming to have experienced terrifying paranormal events, such as swarms of flies, cold spots, foul smells, demonic voices, and visions of blood. Their story was turned into a best-selling book by Jay Anson in 1977, and a series of movies. However, many critics have accused the Lutzes of fabricating the story for money and fame, and have pointed out inconsistencies and errors in their account.
  • The Bell Witch: This is a case of alleged poltergeist activity that occurred in Tennessee, USA, between 1817 and 1821. The Bell family claimed to be tormented by an invisible entity that could speak, move objects, and physically harm them. The entity identified itself as a witch named Kate, and said that it had a grudge against the patriarch John Bell. The case attracted the attention of the local community and even the future president Andrew Jackson, who visited the farm and witnessed the phenomena. The case is considered one of the most famous American ghost stories, and has inspired several books and films.
  • The Borley Rectory: This is a story of a haunted house in Essex, England, that was built in 1863 and destroyed by fire in 1939. The house was said to be haunted by the ghosts of a Benedictine monk and a nun, who had a forbidden affair and were killed by their fellow religious. The house was also said to be haunted by the ghost of a former rector’s wife, who died in mysterious circumstances. The case was investigated by several paranormal researchers, most notably Harry Price, who claimed to have witnessed and documented various phenomena, such as apparitions, voices, writings, and objects moving. However, some of his findings have been disputed and criticized by other investigators and skeptics.
  • The Fox Sisters: This is a story of three sisters from New York, USA, who claimed to communicate with spirits through rapping sounds in the 1840s. The sisters, Margaret, Kate, and Leah, said that they could contact the ghost of a murdered peddler, and later other spirits, by asking questions and receiving knocks as answers. Their demonstrations attracted large audiences and sparked the rise of the Spiritualist movement, which claimed that the dead could communicate with the living. However, in 1888, Margaret confessed that she and her sisters had faked the rappings by cracking their toe joints, and that they had been exploited by their sister Leah and other Spiritualist leaders.

Unexplained Paranormal experiences of celebrities

There are many celebrities who believe in ghosts, but some of the most respected ones are:

  • Octavia Spencer: The Oscar-winning actress said that she has a protective ghost living in her house, and that she has had several paranormal experiences in her life. She also said that she is open to the possibility of life after death.
  • Keanu Reeves: The action star said that he saw a ghost when he was a child in New York, and that he thought it was cool. He also said that he believes in the supernatural, and that he is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.
  • Kristen Stewart: The Twilight star said that she talks to ghosts, and that she is sensitive to the energy of people and places. She also said that she is interested in spirituality, and that she has explored different religions and beliefs.
  • Halle Berry: The Oscar-winning actress said that she was visited by the ghost of Dorothy Dandridge, the first Black woman to be nominated for an Oscar, while she was preparing to play her in a biopic. She also said that she felt a connection with the late actress, and that she was inspired by her.

These are just some of the most respected celebrities who believe in ghosts, but there are many more who have shared their stories and opinions.

Corbett and the supernatural

I need not have to refer to the link above as I read Jim Corbett hunting stories many times. The single incident that defied logic based on his totally objective observations was the Story of Lights recounted in the Jim Corbett Omnibus published by Oxford University Press. The concise story goes this way.

It happened on the night of 5th April, 1929 when Corbett was on the hunt for the Talla Des man-eater. Tired after a long day’s trek, Corbett was enjoying a cigarette along the river bank when he noticed something odd.

On the far side of the gorge (the Nepal side), three lights suddenly appeared together. Shortly after, two more lights appeared. Soon, one of the new lights moved downwards and merged with one of the earlier lights.

A few more lights appeared within a few minutes and Corbett realized that he was looking at lights and not fire.

The lack of any sound, human or otherwise, bothered him. Nor did any of his men hear anything. Next morning, when dawn broke, Corbett scanned the far side with his field glasses. He found no trace of any forest fire, nor anything suggestive of human involvement.

The area where he had seen the lights was, in Corbett’s words, “.. a perpendicular rock where no human, unless suspended from above, could have possibly gone.”

He did hear from his aide, Gangaram, the story of a sadhu from ancient times who had angered the goddess at Purnagiri and was hurled down the gorge. The locals believed the lights were the penance of the unfortunate saint and they were careful not to spend the night in the gorge ever.

Tales of supernatural by renowned hunter Kenneth Anderson

Anderson is considered as one of the most renowned hunting story writer. He spent his life roaming through the South Indian forests and getting rid of numerous man-eaters terrorizing the hapless village folk.

He devoted a whole chapter to the unexplained supernatural matters in the name, Occult Lore and Other Matters.

The most striking experience of the supernatural that defies explanation by any means is the case of Ossie Brown.

His name was Oscar Brown, a mild good-natured jovial man who became a close friend to Anderson. One day he told Anderson the story of a fellow with long hair and saffron robe. The fellow demanded, rather than asked for charity from Ossie on every payday where Ossie worked. Annoyed, one day Ossie threatened him to hand over to the police. The man replied, "You dare to abuse me! I curse you now. I will put someone into you who will be your constant companion till the day of your death." Saying this the man departed and Ossie forgot about it.

That night Ossie woke up and saw someone standing beside his bed. Alarmed Ossie sat up, and the black shadowy figure came nearer and seemingly merged with him.

Ossie told Anderson, "From that night, it is inside me. I cannot get rid of it by any means. Sometimes it overcomes me and my voice and behavior changes dramatically. Afterwards I cannot remember anything about my wild behavior."

Then in a hunting trip together with Ossie, Anderson saw the transformation and somehow averted disaster.

No doctor could cure him of the ailment. Finally, Anderson came to know that after two years Ossie jumped from his balcony three-storied high and died.

Note: Summarized from Anderson's famous book "The Call of the Man-eater".

More stories of unexplained paranormal experieces

If you are still interested, here are a few more stories of unexplained paranormal experiences:

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End note

Here ends my series of forays into the topic of existence of ghosts and the supernatural. You may have heard yourself a number of such stories.

Though I believe in existence of some form of traces of the living after the death of the physical body, I always keep myself open-minded. Here goes my final recommendation:

Never believe in anything that defies common experiences as well as your personal experience and deductive objective reasoning. Keep your mind open asking questions on not just the paranormal, but innumerable inadequately explained issues surrounding your life till you are fully satisfied.

Never stop questioning everything that you have taken for granted.

And regarding ghosts, do not try to be too bold and proactive to disprove this unknown unexplained phenomenon. Especially never spend a night in a particularly notorious haunted place. You have other important matters in your life to focus your energies on. Isn't it?

Finally, never be unduly afraid of ghosts and the paranormal to get disturbed whatever be the situation you are in.

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