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These form resources related to problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and so on.


Brain teaser: Puzzles and brain teasers followed by detailed solutions, and not just answers.

Sudoku: Detailed explanatory Sudoku game plays at hardness level Easy, Medium, Hard and Very hard. The series is ideal for learning hands-on how to play Sudoku with growing skill even by an absolute beginner.

Reflections: Thoughtful articles on varied topics.

Innovative creations: Showcasing creativity in ideas or things.

How to solve hard third level Sudoku puzzle 12 quickly


This is the 12th puzzle session at third level of hardness.The hardness of this puzzle arose primarily from the need to use Digit subset analysis and Cycle technique frequently for valid digit identification for a cell. Though the problem didn't pose a real hard bottleneck that needed special efforts to break though, for a large portion of solving process careful analysis was needed. Solution of each step explained fully...

How to solve hard third level Sudoku, Game play 11


This is the 11th game play session at Sudoku third level of hardness.The specialty of this game has been use of large number of cycles that helped at the start. Interesting has been the four cell single digit rectangular lockdown cycle, a special structure that provided the much needed breakthrough in this specially difficult Sudoku game. Solution of each step explained fully...

King queen and washerman river crossing puzzle


Three couples—king and queen, and minister and washerman with their wives have to cross a river in a boat that can carry at most 2 passengers at a time. The husbands are jealous and without her husband, no lady can be left on any side of the river with other male(s). To make matters worse, the washerman or washerwoman can travel together but not with anyone of the other two couples. Each of the six can row the boat...

3 monkeys and 3 humans crossing river puzzle


This time Three humans, one big monkey and two small monkeys are to cross a river in a boat that can carry at most two, only the humans and the big monkey can row the boat and most alarmingly—at all times number of monkeys must not become more than the number of humans on any bank of the river, Or else the humans will be eaten by the monkeys!....

Farmer with fox, goose and bag of corn crossing the river puzzle


A farmer must cross a river with his pet fox, goose and bag of corn using a boat that is so small that he can take only one the three with him in a boat trip. Though he is ready to make as many trips as needed, he knows that the fox cannot be left alone with the goose, and the goose cannot be left alone with the corn....


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