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These form resources related to problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and so on.


Brain teaser: Puzzles and brain teasers followed by detailed solutions, and not just answers.

Sudoku: Detailed explanatory Sudoku game plays at hardness level Easy, Medium, Hard and Very hard. The series is ideal for learning hands-on how to play Sudoku with growing skill even by an absolute beginner.

Reflections: Thoughtful articles on varied topics.

Innovative creations: Showcasing creativity in ideas or things.

Whose fish?


Can you find out in 20 minutes?

Well, that is the standard time limit for this puzzle. If you have time in your hands, go on till you solve it. We are sure you will enjoy this long time classic logic puzzle attributed to no less a person than Einstein...

Sudoku Second level game play 2


This is the second game play at Sudoku second level. The techniques that we have used in the beginner level games will no longer be enough to solve this game. We'll have to use new techniques for finding a valid cell and filling it up with a allowed digit. You should find this game a little hard but interesting...

Enter and come out of the opposite side, but there is much more in this maze 5

thumb_maze5 more ways to improve problem solving skill

While on your way through, you must not retrace any part of your earlier path. This is the only restriction. With this simple rule you just have to enter and try to come out. It's simple. Just go in and enjoy. But please know the questions first. There is much more in this fifth maze...

Sudoku for beginners 6 - Learn and practice Sudoku level 1

thumb_Sudoku game for-beginners6

This is the sixth session at this level. These sessions are for absolute beginners, for those who never played Sudoku or are not able to proceed further. While we solve a game board step by step we will use the important concepts already explained earlier. Having already played five sessions we are now experienced enough to list out all the steps at one go...


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