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Last minute tips for crossing the SSC CGL Tier I hurdle

Summarize your preparation by quick scan and stop thinking of math the evening before

before the first test

Only a few days are left before the test starts all over the country. At this time you cannot add much to your preparation and skillset. But at least you can scan and summarize. We give very high importance to summarization. This is the way it works.

Summarization of your preparation topic by topic

  1. Take a topic, say, profit and loss.
  2. Arrange all the problem sets that you have solved.
  3. Scan through the problems you have solved yourself confidently. DO NOT DWELL on the problems that you had doubts. This is not the stage to clear doubts. There isn’t enough time.
  4. Focus on more important problems that gave you trouble but you had understood the efficient solution fully..
  5. Identify such a solved problem by a short name by which you will recognize it later. Write a specific such problem beside its short type name.
  6. Go on like this till you finish the scan of profit and loss. You will find that list is a short one.

Review solution process and concepts involved

  1. Take each type of problem and mentally go through its solution without referring to its solution first. If you are stuck refer to the solution. If required go through the solution twice to absorb the process of solution.
  2. Refer to the concepts used from concept tutorials of SureSolv.
  3. Preferably you do not solve any new problem, though you might mentally scan quickly for solution. This is the final summarization and consolidation time.

Problem solving concept application for different problems

The individual types that you identified and analyzed its solution process to further understand the process or strategy of solution, may be applied with slight modification to solve similar problems. You should try to remember and identify 3 such variations for a particular problem solving strategy and scan through the variations.

Efficient Math problem solving in SureSolv

The efficient Math problem solving section contains powerful problem solving strategies to solve seemingly difficult problems.

It will be very helpful if you go through related posts and review the application of the strategies again.

Concept tutorials

Lastly go through the related Concept tutorials of SureSolv in scan mode. That will consolidate your concept base using which most problems are solved.

Relax evening before

Don’t do any maths the evening previous to the test. That would likely be counterproductive. Listent to music. Read story books. Discuss something other than maths. Play with family.

Take a long hard walk early evening or late afternoon and go to bed early without any anxiety.

You have done what you could do. Tomorrow with confidence you will try to do your best.

In the exam hall

During exam, apportion time beforehand based on your mock test experience. It is better to finish maximum scoring parts first. In Maths portion which should always be the more troublesome, avoid making any guess, don’t spend more than 1.5 minutes on a problem if you still are not sure of solution as practically all problems are solvable within a minute.

In short never be stuck at one problem. Just drop it and go forward.

Be flexible in strategy and tactics depending on the question set, so that your score is maximized with minimum errors.

We are sure, with a good preparation and effective planning you should be able to cross Tier 1 hurdle easily.

Wish you the best and a bit of luck.