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Matchstick puzzle

Move 2 matchsticks to make 6 squares and move 8 matchsticks to make 6 squares - a pair of matchstick puzzles

thumb move 2 matches to make 6 squares matchstick puzzle

Solve two puzzles, both to form a 6 square matchstick figure. In the first puzzle, form the 6 squares by moving 2 matches and in the second puzzle moving 8 matches. Time to solve both puzzles is 10 minutes. Solve by thinking in radically new way...

Move 2 sticks to make 7 squares matchstick puzzle - solution based on problem solving and innovation model


Move 2 sticks in the figure with 5 squares to create 7 squares. Recommended time is 10 minutes. Use reasoning based on matchstick concepts and techniques. The solution of the stick puzzle ends with derivation of model of problem solving and innovation...


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