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Inequality algebra

How to solve a hard number system question for CAT confidently and quickly 3

thumb how to solve hard cat number system problem confidently 3

Denominator of a fraction is less than the square of the numerator by 1. If 2 is added to both, the fraction will be more than $\frac{1}{3}$. And when 3 is subtracted from both, the fraction remains positive and is smaller than $\frac{1}{10}$. Find the fraction.

For quick solution of this 3rd hard number system question for CAT, explore deeply inequality analysis and inequality algebra...

Reverse cheque puzzle solution

thumb reverse cheque puzzle solution

Twice the amount written on cheque remained after spending 20 paise from amount received from bank. Cashier mistakenly interchanged paise with rupees. What were the cheque figures? Recommended time limit is 20 minutes. But do continue even if you exceed the limit, the puzzle is not that difficult...

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