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Kolkata Durga Puja tour 2015 - theme on bamboo art

Now colorless, to be lighted up a little later

The arching gate surprised us. It was made up wholly from hollow bamboo pieces. It is now dusty, colorless. Evening lights would lend its glow I thought.

Surprisingly colorless gate to be lighted up later, Durga Puja 2015


Walking on we marveled at the patience of the artisans who toiled for months in assembling these thousands of pieces of bamboo. Everything around made up of bamboo.

Inner sanctum of the Goddess was no exception. Against the apparently drab environment the idols shone. In the evening the whole place will look different, I understood.


Highlighted idol, Kolkata Durga Puja 2015


It was daytime and the theme without lights didn't attract anyone but us. Throngs of crowd didn't hinder me. Closer she looked lovely.


Sweet young mother, Kolkata Durga Puja 2015


On the way to the next destination I wondered. How an apparently unattractive exterior hides great inner beauty! Sometimes it is intentional. Only the ones who cross the barriers would reach the hidden jewel!