One to many relationship

SBI PO type high level hard two in one circular seating reasoning puzzle solved in confident steps 7

thumb_sbi po high level circular seating hard reasoning puzzle solved 7

In this seventh session, the puzzle chosen happens to be a hybrid puzzle, a family relations puzzle and a circular seating reasoning puzzle mixed together into one puzzle. When you need to answer all types of questions on the relationships, professions and individual member positions of a family of eight members in four professions sitting around a circular table, you have a mixed or hybrid puzzle in hand which at first glance may seem to be quite complex....

SBI PO type high level one to many valued group based reasoning puzzle solved in confident steps 6

thumb_sbi po type high level resoning puzzle solved 6 cover

In this sixth session on solving a SBI PO type high level reasoning puzzle in a few easy and confident steps without confusion, the puzzle chosen does not have all its assignment relations one to one. Among four object sets, two objects sets each have two members same. This creates groups or more formally one to many relationships. A simple adaptation of the minimal logic table deals with this special situation easily...

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