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Common stick concept

Move 2 sticks to make 7 squares matchstick puzzle - solution based on problem solving and innovation model


Move 2 sticks in the figure with 5 squares to create 7 squares. Recommended time is 10 minutes. Use reasoning based on matchstick concepts and techniques. The solution of the stick puzzle ends with derivation of model of problem solving and innovation...

Move 8 sticks and convert 5 squares to 2 squares matchstick puzzle

thumb Move 8 sticks make 2 squares stick puzzle

The stick puzzle asks you to move 8 matchsticks in a figure made up 5 squares and reduce the number of squares to 2. How many unique solutions can you find? Total recommended time for the puzzle is 20 minutes. It's a bit of a challenge and fun. Go ahead and try to solve. You'll surely enjoy the experience...


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